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You guys. I got in so much trouble tonight!! Well, by "trouble," I mean "trouble." No one was beaten or yelled at or anything, but considering the issue at hand, it might have been expected. You see, when the old ...

Summer Veggie Pizza

Main Dishes, Summer, Vegetables

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Is it possible to even convey to you the joy I feel at being able to write this post today? 'Tis indescribable, so I won't bother to try. Just know that were I not getting too old to make it absurd, I'd dance for ...

Butter Braised Cabbage

Autumn, Summer, Vegetables

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There is a small child sitting on my lap. She smells like a pickle. Let's talk about why that is, shall we? Well. I'm sure you know why that is. I mean it's pretty obvious. She's had her whole fist in the pickle ...

Sweet Pickled Cucumber Slices

Food Preservation, Summer

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Help me. I’m drowning in milk by the gallon-fulls. No seriously. Help me. Unless you’d like to see a new recipe with milk taking center stage a handful of times every month, we’re going to have to grow our ...

Ginger Spiced Rhubarb Custard

Dairy, Desserts, Eggs, Spring, Summer

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    With three beautiful Jerseys cows filling the fridge full of milk and my sweet cream butter-making in full swing, I'm sure you can guess  what else I have a surplus of... Buttermilk! I go through my ...

Buttermilk Pie

Dairy, Dessert, Spring, Summer

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  I know this is a recipe for grilled chicken, but it's kind of a lie. Sure you use a grill to start the cooking process, but most of the cooking is done in the oven. Could you grill it the whole way through? I ...

Grilled Chicken with a Bacon Mushroom Cream Sauce

Main Dishes, Meat, Summer

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Last week, just before all the heavy rain showers knocked the delicate blossoms from their heads, I ran outside as the first forecasted drops began to fall and snipped over a dozen clusters from their stems. Mind you, ...

Elderflower & Vanilla Ice Cream

Dairy, Dessert, Summer

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      Really, the name says it all. And when asparagus season finishes and pizza night no longer finds us making Asparagus, Caramelized Onion, & Bacon Pizza, we can't really be ...

Sweet & Smoky Strawberry Balsamic Pizza

Main Dishes, Spring

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Well it's official. Our first season of Homegrown Asparagus has come to an end. Not knowing how old the plants were, I decided to call it a few weeks early Just-In-Case so the plants can put their energy into doing ...

Asparagus & Potato Salad

Sides, Spring, Vegetables

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I'm breaking up with jelly & jam. There's a new love in my life that doesn't require all that sugary baggage, babysitting, and tricky pectin. Will it set up or won't it? Should I remake it or let it sit ...

Rhubarb Butter

Food Preservation, Spring

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I have a little man of mine that loves soup. When I take meal requests, his answer is always the same, "Soup!" Seriously?! Who wants soup in May? I'm looking for all things fresh, bright, and green! Root crops need ...

Asparagus Soup

Main Dishes, Spring

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You know what I love about Pasta Carbonara? Well, lot's of things. And I was going to tell you my favorite but now that I really get thinking about it, I can't decide. I mean first you have the bacon. That always ...

Farm Fresh Pasta Carbonara with Butter Braised Nettles

Spring, Summer, Wildcrafting